Babies Babies, Everywhere

It seems to me that since we began our journey to start a family, everywhere I look I see infants, stroller and Baby Bjorns.  The mall today was flooded with new babies, or maybe I’ve just become more acutely aware of their presence.  Regardless, it inspired me to start doing a little shopping.  There are so many baby products out there, and I know it is going to be a struggle to find the right ones!  I meandered my way through the department store, and while I knew that there were many options available, I had no idea just how many.  Dozens of strollers, a plethora of car seats… where does one begin?  Do you take these things for a test drive?

There are many great websites out there that have every product under the sun, so comparing and shopping has become much easier for the new parent.

Our #1 pick so far- The Mountain Buggy- Urban Jungle

Our #1 pick so far- The Mountain Buggy- Urban Jungle is a great source with everything in one site, another great source of reviews of products are the parents blogs.

It may be a little early in our journey, but you have to be prepared…and I do love to shop!  We are pretty sold on The Mountain Buggy.  R likes bells, whistles and likes big tires.  I’m trying to remind him it’s a stroller, not a vehicle.  He likes gadgets though.

So this is an open call to all my readers, friends and parents.  What is the one product you couldn’t live without?

On another note, tomorrow night is our information session at Adoption Options.  We are very excited. I’m certain I’ll blog about it tomorrow night. 🙂

Until then, update me on my have products!


About Michael

What started off as a blog about our journey to become parents, now is morphing into a parenting blog as I chronicle our lives as new parents to an incredible baby boy. I cook, craft, sew and now blog. I am the past recipient of the Future Leader of Manitoba Award, Champion For Diversity Award and #9 on the 2014 list of the 100 Most Fascinating Manitobans.
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5 Responses to Babies Babies, Everywhere

  1. Trish C says:

    Take it = a rocker swing. 🙂
    Leave it = a change table.


  2. jodi says:

    Big wheels all the way R! 😉

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  3. Michele F says:

    Best car seat advice (i.e. Will this seat fit into my car? Which seat is good for a short, skinny infant?) is here: (Be sure to stay in the Canadian section)
    Get help with baby carriers (plus they have a lending library):
    I couldn’t live without a baby carrier (even hubby used our ring sling!)
    I could have saved money and not bothered buying a crib (the cats slept in it more than the kids!)
    I second the “leave it” for the changing table. We purchased a large incontinence pad for changing. It’s portable and you can use it on the bed when transitioning out of diapers.


  4. Erika van Wyk says:

    I loved our Uppa Baby Vista stroller (great for all seasons, real tires not plastic), my cuddle wrap (baby wearing is AWESOME) and the kids still use the Cloud B Constellation night lights. Those are probably my top three. I’d pass on the change table as well. We did Peg Perego carseat for when they were infant and Britax when they are older. Also loved the Tommee Tippee for bottles.


  5. Nancy says:

    Loved, loved, loved my wipes warmer and passed it on to many other parents-to-be who also loved it!


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