“Where There is a Will There is a Way” Wednesday

So I have been doing some internet research, and seeing as I am in week 3 of my post umbilical hernia surgery I should be able to start light running.  I need it, I miss it, I’m shocked I’m saying it.

It is funny how quickly you can miss something once a routine has been broken.  I found I was just getting to the point in my running where I was feeling empowered and starting to see some results from the activity.  Then my surgery got scheduled sooner than I expected.  I’ve recovered like a champ though.  I was back at work within 7 days, and away on vacation within 10.  I have no pain, but need to watch that I don’t over do things.  Running should be fine, provided I take a slower pace.

There are some pretty awesome things about having this surgery though.

  1. For the first time in my life I have a real innie belly button. (I can now realize my dream of becoming a swimsuit model, because I’m sure the belly button was my only barrier)
  2. I don’t cringe with pain if one of the cats or dogs accidentally touches my belly button
  3. I have a Dr.’s note that says I can’t do housework or laundry for 4 weeks! (I think this is my personal favourite)

R has been wonderful since my surgery.  On vacation he carried all of the luggage (I am not to lift more than 10 lbs) and he asks me numerous times a day how my tummy is. He has also kept up with the housework, and I have allowed it.  I will admit though, I had to take over the folding duty of the laundry.  He just doesn’t do it properly.

So today I am going to get back on the treadmill and get moving again.


Time to get back on!

Where there is a will there is a way!

About Michael

What started off as a blog about our journey to become parents, now is morphing into a parenting blog as I chronicle our lives as new parents to an incredible baby boy. I cook, craft, sew and now blog. I am the past recipient of the Future Leader of Manitoba Award, Champion For Diversity Award and #9 on the 2014 list of the 100 Most Fascinating Manitobans.
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